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About company

Caucasus Premium Lubricants was founded in 2019. The company is an authorized dealer of Michelin and Goodrich tires in Georgia and Mobil lubricant dealer in Georgia and Armenia.

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Work principles

Caucasus Premium Lubricants has a wide range of high-quality goods with long operating lives.  The company offers Light, truck, and agricultural automobiles, as well as industrial lubricants and tires. It is also worth noting that Mobil's product line contains biodegradable lubricants for the food industry.

Caucasus Premium Lubricant provides quality, dependability, and assurance. The corporation employs highly skilled individuals. The team of professionals is always ready to assist you in resolving issues and, if necessary, offers the services of vendor technicians: from laboratory checks to personal visits. 


Maximum customer satisfaction is essential to the business, which is accomplished by offering Mobil and Michelin products, all of which are world-famous and leading brands in their respective segments. One of the company's key challenges is to focus customers' attention on the expense of owning the item rather than the price. It is a well-known and commonly used operation that significantly lowers car fleet costs around the world. To highlight the benefits of this strategy, the firm provides add

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